Our Products

GF-I Flexible Graphite Sheet

GF-I flexible graphite sheet for industry sealing applications

GF-S Flexible Graphite Sheet

GF-S Flexible graphite sheet with 800 ppm sulfur content to reduce corrosion

GF-O Oxidation Resistant Flexible Graphite Sheet

GF-S Oxidation resistance flexible graphite foil with high working temperature

GF-N Nuclear Grade Flexible Graphite Sheet

GF-N Nuclear grade flexible graphite foil with 99.5% carbon content and excellent sealing performance

Flexible Graphite Tape

Flexible graphite tape made from flexible graphite foil, filler material for spiral wound gaskets

Corrugated Graphite Tape

Corrugated graphite tape is made from expanded graphite roll, self-adhesive backing is available.

RF-T Reinforced Graphite Sheet

Reinforced graphite sheet with 0.10mm SS304 or SS316 stainless steel tanged insert.

RF-F Reinforced Graphite Sheet

Flexible graphite sheet reinforced with 0.05mm SS304 or SS316 stainless steel foil insert