Flexible Graphite Tape

Flexible graphite tape made from flexible graphite foil, filler material for spiral wound gaskets


Flexible Graphite Tape

Flexible graphite tape is cut from our flexible graphite foil in rolls by CNC lather which offers excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions. Our graphite tape has excellent tensile strength, compressibility and recovery, it is the best filler material for making spiral wound gaskets, graphite molded rings and corrugated graphite tapes.

  • Carbon> 99.0%, Sulfur<1200PPM
  • Working temperature: -200°C to +550°C (air)
  • Working temperature: -200°C to +650°C (steam)
  • Working pressure: 140bar
  • Density: 0.7-1.1g/cm3
  • Self-adhesive backing is available


Our products


Product code Description
GF-T Plain graphite tape
GF-TB Plain Graphite tape with self-adhesive backing




Thickness Width Length
Graphite Tape 0.2 to 1.0mm 3.0-500mm 30Mtr to 120Mtr