GF-O Oxidation Resistant Flexible Graphite Sheet

GF-S Oxidation resistance flexible graphite foil with high working temperature

Oxidation Resistant Flexible Graphite Sheet

Oxidation resistant flexible graphite sheet with special production process and the oxidation inhibitor added into the structure of the expanded graphite to enhance the oxidation resistance properties of the flexible graphite sheet.

Our flexible graphite sheets are widely used in making various gaskets and gasket materials, such as graphite packing ring, corrugated graphite tape, reinforced graphite sheet and gasket, spiral wound gasket, corrugated gasket, kammprofile gasket, double jacketed gasket and heat exchanger gasket, etc. And our graphite foils can also be used as solid lubricant in metal stamping and forming applications, or as heat liner in industry furnaces and other heating devices.

  • C=99.0%, S<1200ppm, CL<40ppm
  • Working Temperature: 850°C Max.
  • Working Pressure: 140Bar Max.
  • Density from 0.7g/c.c to 1.2g/c.c


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Product code Description
GF-I Industrial Grade Flexible Graphite Sheet with 98.0% min. carbon content
GF-S Flexible Graphite Sheet with 800ppm max. low sulfur content
GF-O Oxidation resistance flexible graphite sheet with high working temperature
GF-N Nuclear Grade Flexible Graphite Sheet with 99.5% min. carbon content




Thickness Width Length
Graphite Sheet 0.2 to 6.0mm 1Mtr, 1.5Mtr 1Mtr, 1.5Mtr, 2.0Mtr
Graphite Roll 0.2 to 1.0mm 1Mtr, 1.5Mtr 30Mtr to 120Mtr