Corrugated Graphite Tape

Corrugated graphite tape is made from expanded graphite roll, self-adhesive backing is available.


Corrugated Graphite Tape

Corrugated graphite tape (crinkled graphite tape) is made from plain flexible graphite tape which rolled by special corrugated mold. Corrugated graphite tape is widely used for pump and valves. it is easily installed for small diameter valves. Corrugated graphite tape with adhesive backed is used for flange sealing as gasket, especially for large diameter flanges.

  • Carbon> 99.0%, Sulfur<1200PPM
  • Working temperature: -200°C to +550°C (air)
  • Working temperature: -200°C to +650°C (steam)
  • Working pressure: 140bar
  • Thickness from 0.4mm to 1.0mm
  • Self-adhesive backing is available


Our products


Product code Description
GF-C Corrugated graphite tape
GF-CB Corrugated Graphite tape with self-adhesive backing




Thickness Width Length
GF-CB 0.4 to 1.0mm 6.0-50mm 7Mtr to 30Mtr