GR-R Reinforced Graphite Packing Ring

Graphite packing ring reinforced by stainless steel wire mesh

Reinforced graphite packing rings are made by high purity expanded graphite tape and with stainless steel wire mesh insert. recommend used for high working pressure condition.

  • Carbon content: 99.0%
  • Density: 1.6g/cm3
  • Working temperature: 650°C
  • Working pressure: 300bar
  • Cross section: Square, O, V and Wedge-shape


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Product code Description
GR-I Pure graphite packing ring
GR-R Graphite packing ring reinforced by SS wire
GR-C Graphite packing ring with SS Caps
GR-M Graphite packing with SS wire both ends
GR-B Braided packing ring
GR-W Stainless steel wire ring




Thickness OD ID
Graphite packing ring >3mm 10-1000mm 20-1100mm