Graphite Packing with Inconel Wire

JX-620 Graphite Packing reinforced with Inconel wire is made with graphite yarn cross braided, each strand is reinforced by an Inconel wire. And we also make outside braided or crocheted Inconel wire jacket graphite packing. Recommend for high temperature and high pressure working condition.




Products code
  • JX-620 Graphite packing reinforced by Multi-Inconel wire
  • JX-621 Outside braided Inconel Jacket graphite packing
  • JX-622 Outside crocheted Inconel jacket graphite packing
Technical Data
Rotating Reciprocating Value
Pressure 3Mpa 10Mpa 30Mpa
Temperature -200℃to +550℃
Shaft Speed 23m/s
PH 0-14

5Kg/Roll, 10Kg/Roll